Zanu PF Patriots have saluted Citizens Coalition for Change CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere over her comments on Epworth ‘Title Deeds’.

This came after she said the Deeds of Grant that President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa recently gave Epworth residents were as good as Title Deeds.

Mahere said the legal effect of the two documents was the same, much to the pleasure of Zanu PF Patriots.

“A Deed of Grant is issued on land where there has been no previous title because the land belonged to the State.

“It is the first or original title deed in respect of a property.

“The legal effect of a deed of grant & a title deed is the same ie proof of private ownership,” twitted Mahere.

Apparently, in response to the tweet, Zanu PF Patriots said Mahere can be constructive after all.

“Zvamotokwanisawo kutaura zvine basa nhai Sisi Fadzayi,” said Zanu PF Patriots.

President Mnangagwa on Saturday gave Epworth residents Grants of Deed which were widely reported as Title Deeds.

However, it then later came out that they were in fact Grants of Deeds, leaving some wondering if the document had same effect as Title Deeds or not.

This prompted people like Mahere who is a lawyer by profession to set the record clear.