Former Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Walter Mzembi says it is sad that the South African government is sending Zimbabweans back home.

Mzembi says it has always been his wish that SA ruling party African National Congress remains Pan African.

“I grew up with the impression of the ANC as an African Continent Party with a Pan African agenda. Its first president having been Zimbabwean and many of our founder nationalists its members my wish was always that it remained pan african.

“It breaks my heart when one of its government programs is repatriation of Zimbabweans.

“During the struggle for RSA independence we all knew Fife Avenue as a haven of South Africans with Zimbabwean identities and Passports as we fought so hard to protect them,” he says.

Apparently, a number of Zimbabweans are being pushed out of South Africa, with some natives acussing them of snatching their jobs away.

A number of Zimbabweans trekked down south at the turn of the millennium in search of greener pastures.