Zanu PF’s Mash Central oficials, Kazembe Kazembe and Kenneth Shupikai Musanhi nearly exchanged blows on Saturday after accusing each other of sabotaging attendance at an event for first lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa.

Saturday’s event in Bindura was supposed to be a family fun day which she said was designed to “promote economic development through sport tourism.” however there were delays to the starting time and there was a poor turnout.

The first Lady was furious about the poor turnout.

A source who source the fracas said:

“Kazembe and Musanhi exchanged harsh words and were literally restrained to avoid a physical altercation. There was a dispute over who was to blame over the low turnout.

“Musanhi at one point told Kazembe that ‘ndokum*****’, and he in turn shot back saying, ‘age haina basa topedzarana pa fight’ (age doesn’t matter, let’s settle this in a fight). They were restrained by Mashonaland Central provincial state intelligence officers.”