Norton independent Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa says at one point he had come to hate Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) because of ZANU PF propaganda.

“One of the things which I must admit about, was how I hated NGOs due to
@ZANUPF_Official propaganda which framed them as enemies of the state.

“Yet they were there to fight for people’s rights, including those in ZANU,” he says.

Mliswa adds that when he left ZANU PF that’s when he noticed that NGOs are good after all.

“Only when I left ZANU did the truth dawn on me. Also when I got arrested some of these organisations stood with me.

gave me lawyers. I began to realise that Zanu hated them because they conscientise people and make them aware of their rights.”

Mliswa says going towards elections ZANU has started again contriving stories against NGOs, adding that there is no need for that as Zimbabweans know what they want.

He adds: “Fighting the NGOs will not change anything. You have gone after moneychangers. Now you go after NGOs. You can’t be fighting everyone and framing everyone as an opponent.”

Meanwhile, the ruling party ZANU-PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa hate NGOs.

They accuse them of trying to cause regime change in Zimbabwe. On many occasions the government threatened to de-register the NGOs.