Some ZANU PF officials and varakashi have come out guns blazing against Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema for opposing Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume’s jailing.

The outspoken South African opposition leader, Malema invited trouble for himself when he said the jailing of Ngarivhume is pathetic.

“I was shocked to hear that a Zimbabwean Government has jailed Jacob Ngarivhume, for demanding accountability through picket lines on how Covid-19 funds were used in 2020 by kleptocratic politicians.

“Sending an activist to 4 years imprisonment for simply holding different political views is pathetic.

“Zimbabweans must learn to protect their own, particularly those who are the voice of the voiceless against the corrupt few. The truth will never be incarcerated; Africa we are one.”

In response, ZANU PF Director for Information, Tafadzwa Mugwadi said:

“No one knows what you smoke & how high/ low it takes you but what is clear is that what you are smoking is not good for u. For the record, Ngarivhume was convicted for inciting violence. There are many opposition leaders with different views to ZANU PF.”

Well-known murakashi Matigary chipped in saying:

“No, you are pathetic. The GVT didn’t sent him to jail, the courts did. It’s called rule of law.

“He was jailed for breaking the law, not for holding different political views. He has had his own political party for the last 15 years but was never jailed till he broke the law.”

However, Brighton Mutebuka UK based Zimbabwean lawyer said Malema should not be shocked with what happened to Ngarivhume as the country has always been entrenched in authoritarianism.

“My brother Julius, it stretches credulity for you to be shocked if you have been following Zim politics for the past 4 decades.

“It’s a country buffeted by entrenched authorianism. It’s why Mugabe was replaced via a coup. We haven’t got democratic norms.”