While Zanu PF is keen to see groups forming with the intention of supporting its goals, it has warned people not to form party affiliate organisations to solicit loans, saying such behaviour is unbecoming.

This comes as there has been an increase in organisations seeking to join the party as affiliates.

Addressing a media conference at the party’s headquarters in Harare yesterday, Zanu PF national political Commissar Mike Bimha said those seeking loans can be assisted by other institutions.

He also challenged organisations willing to be party affiliates to apply to the commissariat department and not impose themselves.

“We have witnessed a proliferation of organisations, coming in the form of economic development associations.

“We welcome the proliferation of these organisations which are there to support the party, there to support the President, there to support our objective of achieving 5 million voters. However, we want these organisations to be formalised.

“They have to apply for an affiliation status. You don’t just come one day and say we are journalists for ED, you need to go through a process where you apply for affiliation status,” said Bimha.

He urged those who intend to be affiliates of Zanu PF to apply through the Commissariat department

“You apply through the Commissariat department; they will tell you what is required of you. You must have a constitution of your organisation, a list of executives that form the leadership of the organisation, indicate when you first met and your last meeting in coming up with your elections and an approved constitution,” Cde Bimha said.

Once the commissariat is satisfied, it will forward a recommendation supporting the application to the department of administration which will eventually grant the affiliate status.

“Now we want to appeal to these organisations wanting to be accorded status to do as described. There are some organisations coming forward applying for status but at the same time they come seeking for loans from the party.

“Affiliates are not formed to get loans from the party. The party does not give any loans for projects. Those organisations who want facilities for their projects for their membership or who want to benefit from empowerment programmes are free do so and approach other relevant departments of the party which promote empowerment and start up projects,” Cde Bimha said. *Herald*