Zambians have made fun of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) for winning a best TV station award at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) recently while it had no other broadcasting stations to complete with.

ZBC-TV which is the only TV station in Zimbabwe was awarded the accolade at the ZITF and upon hearing the news, Zambians took it to Facebook to mock the station.

“ZBC won the award against which other TV stations?” One Zambian asked.

“It competed against itself and won,” said another.

Yet another had this to say: “Zimbabwe soo-oo kkkk.”

Apparently, Zambia is one of the countries in Africa with a number of TV stations and countless radio stations.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is the only African country not at war which has only one TV station, yet it was the first country together with Nigeria to have a TV station in Sub-Saharan African in 1960.

The government of Zimbabwe has over the years suppressed the airwaves, giving the only public broadcaster ZBC a monopoly.

In recent times, the Zimbabwean government granted radio licenses to institutions which said to be aligned to it or to the ruling party.