Norton independent Member of Parliament says President Emmerson Mnangagwa is being undermined by his security, who are not reporting the truth to him.

Mliswa says late former President Robert Mugabe managed to rule for decades because the security sector was always with him telling him the truth.

“The security sector needs to be held to account for constantly misleading the President.

“Mugabe was able to rule for decades because security was frank with him,” he says.

He adds: “That’s how he was able to manage the country for so long.

“After 2008 security told him that the party structures were gone & War Vets came in.

“The result was that in 2013 he regrouped & won 2/3. The War Vets led the mobilisation & took over from politicians. The party did well.”

Mliswa says by failing to give him an appreciation of what is on the ground the security is actually undermining him and not helping his position, adding that it is very unfortunate.