The current government of Zambia led by President Hakainde Hichilema is a security threat to SADC and Zimbabwe’s territorial integrity,” says LEAD President Linda Masarira.

She says Zimbabweans must be wary of the US maneuvers in Zambia as they pose a great threat to national and regional security as well as sovereignty of all SADC states.

“I call upon all the Zambian people to resist such betrayal before America turns the rest of Africa into the current state of Libya. As the President of Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats,

“I vehemently condemn the US-Africa Command Office of Security Cooperation in Zambia as it is a direct threat to Zimbabwe’s territorial integrity. US is fighting to democratize Africa to control Africa and it’s resources,” she said.

Read rest of her statement below:

They are fully aware that leaders without a military background are gullible and easy to manipulate. The US is clandestinely invading Africa in the the new scramble for Africa agenda.

This is imperialism of Africa and it has always been coming ever since Hichilema took over the reigns in Zambia.

This move is posing a security threat to the African continent and not only is it going to cause instability in Southern Africa through inviting the American Enemies to attack Southern Africa.

America has numerous enemies and having military offices in Zambia attracts Islamic Terrorist attacks and creates a launchpad for the US to carry out regime change invasion on countries that are not agreeing with it’s foreign policy and Zimbabwe is number one target because of its stance of land and black economic Empowerment.

This move was first resisted by Thabo Mbeki in 2006 when they wanted to establish a similar office in Botswana.

It is appalling that Hichilema is naive and has no understanding of the history and geopolitical context of Africa and the complexities of decolonization.

Hichilema is selling out the struggles of founding fathers of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda and the Frontline States principles.

Zambia suffered the brutal attacks from the colonial Smith Regime who unleashed brutal force at Freedom camp and Mukushi, killing hundreds of Zimbabwean liberation war fighters that were housed by Zambia. In all honesty,

Kenneth Kaunda should be turning in his grave to see this happening now. What Hichilema is doing is a betrayal of fellow African countries and is creating a room for proxy wars that ravaged Middle North Africa and the Middle east countries like Libya and Syria.

The SADC troika and SADC heads of state must educate him of the risks that he is dragging Zambia into by allowing himself to be the Zelensky of Southern Africa. Government of Zimbabwe should put more effort into uniting the people of Zimbabwe and boosting the morale of the security sector.

President Mnangagwa should play an active role into uniting SADC states against the impending recolonization of Africa which is being launch padded in Zambia. History has a way of repeating itself,

Zambia was used a a benchmark of the liberation of all SADC states and the neocolonialists agenda of the new scramble for Africa has strategically planned the recolonization agenda of Africa starting from Zambia.

This is a real cause of concern to all SADC states which must not be taken lightly. In conclusion, Yes. President ED Mnangagwa is his capacity as Head of State should engage his counterpart in Zambia President H Hichilema and counsel him on the historical context and the implications of AFRICOM presence in the SADC region,

fellow Liberation movements in the SADC region should engage each other and find a way of dealing with this impending threat of neo colonialism and regional security.

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira.
LEAD President.