Unsuccessful presidential candidate Linda Masarira has lambasted outgoing Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mthuli Ncube saying his arrogance cost him.

Masarira says she tried to give Ncube advice, but he could not listen.

“Mthuli underestimated the people’s struggle. I have, on several occasions, implored him to consider the plight of pensioners and civil servants in Zimbabwe.

“In his arrogance, he had the audacity to show workers the middle finger and utter reckless statements to workers struggling to make ends meet.

“Mthuli’s demise is a lesson to all in the future who will want to run for public office not to take for granted issues to do with livelihoods.

“Whoever occupies the Finance Ministers seat after these elections should seriously prioritise workers’ and pensioner’s dignity, livelihood, and well-being.

“2023 igore rezvidzidzo,” she said.