Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has lambasted some characters he suspects to be from the Central Intelligence Organization led Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ) for allegedly dragging his name into their fight.

Moyo says it is bad for some people to link him to their efforts of trying to decampaign their candidate’s opponent.

Moyo writes:


It’s the silly season alright, but this criminal idiocy by deranged dark forces who are apparently afraid of Saviour Kasukuwere and are now resorting to desperately idiotic methods to decampaign him is not silly, it’s criminal counterintelligence cowardice or downright political lunacy.

It would be tragic if the criminal idiocy is from the so-called FAZ, which is known to have crazy criminal types in its ranks.

I have attached below only the introductory 16 seconds of the 5:06 minute idiotic audiovisual forwarded to me by a friend this morning, who said the nauseating crap is trending on WhatsApp and other platforms.

I have shared only the first 16 seconds of the 5:06 minute audiovisual only because I don’t want to spread the rest of idiotic crap on it.

If anyone in the system, especially in FAZ, thinks creating such idiotic fiction is the best way to decampaign Kasukuwere or any other presidential candidate in support of their candidate, then they’re only succeededing in creating the impression, if not in fact proving, that there’s something very big that’s wrong or that they’re worrying about their candidate and they’re now losing their marbles and resorting to utter rubbish like their trending 5:06 minute audiovisual.

For the record, I speak for myself through this TL as a matter of routine, I don’t need to communicate anything through any dark force or idiot or political lunatic.

I only do interviews always on the record and only with established professional journalists through their professional media houses or their professional media platforms.

I don’t do interviews with desperate and dangerous counterintelligence idiots or political lunatics who operate on dingy media platforms and who circulate idiotic audiovisuals.

As always, if a story or narrative is from me you will see or hear it directly from me on this platform, if it’s about me via a media third party, you will see or hear about it only from professional journalists who do not hide their names or identities and through their professional media houses or platforms.

Anything else like the circulating 5:06 minute audiovisual is criminal idiocy that belongs to the dustbin!