POLICE have arrested three men in connection with murder at a sports bar in Chitungwiza.

Witness Mombeshora (33), Shrine Kamusoko (31), and Simbarashe, who can neither hear nor speak, were arrested following an incident that led to the death of Lloyd Dongo (48).

The victim had bravely attempted to rescue his friend from being assaulted at a local sports bar at Unit M Shopping Centre.

Police are looking for another suspect, identified only as Simba.

On the night of July 14, 2023, a violent altercation unfolded at the sports bar.

Witnesses reported that a confrontation between several individuals quickly escalated, endangering the lives of those present.

It is alleged that Mombeshora, Kamusoko, Simbarashe and Simba were involved in the violent confrontation.

Dongo, a courageous bystander, intervened in an attempt to protect his friend from harm.

Tragically, he was struck with an iron bar, resulting in severe injuries.

He was rushed to a local hospital but sadly succumbed to his injuries on Saturday.