President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa recently bragged that he is the Godfather of Zimbabwe’s intelligence system saying anyone planning to topple him should think twice.

Mnangagwa added that he created the country’s intelligence system, and by that virtue he gets alerts on any plot to topple him.

However, former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi thinks the country’s security system is no longer trustworthy as evidenced by how they allegedly handled the just ended disputed elections, through the Forever Associates of Zimbabwe.

“If FAZ is an offshoot of Zimbabwe Intelligence for example, and the brainchild of a Deputy Director General of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), and as conflicted as they were in recent Elections would one expect any professional reporting from them.

“Most intelligence reports in Zimbabwe are politically contrived for purpose & a conspiracy, so being made livid by them is choreography,” he asks.