Police in Kabwe, Zambia have arrested a radio caller Chalwe Kaume who complained to the Central Province Permanent Secretary Milner Mwanakampwe for the United Party for National Development (UPND)’s failure to fulfill campaign promises, reports Daily Nation.

The Hakainde Hichilema led UPND administration is under fire for allegedly failing to turn the country’s economy for the better.

Just about half of Zambians approve of the country’s overall direction and are satisfied with the way the “new dawn” government is managing the economy, a new Afrobarometer survey shows.

However, the other half of citizens describe the country’s economic condition and their personal living conditions as bad, although a majority expect things to get better during the coming year.

Zambia was the first country to default on sovereign debt during the pandemic. It is now the test case for addressing developing country debt in a post-COVID-19 world.

Meanwhile, Zambia is projected to spend 30% of its revenue on debt payments between 2022-2024.

According to critics, the long-term solution for avoiding debt traps it to adopt measures that reduce Zambia’s reliance on external borrowing.