The Head of State, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has awarded 22 people who perished in a road traffic accident yesterday, state assisted burial.

In his condolences message President Mnangagwa said:

“I direct all arms of Government seized with the responsibility of ensuring safety on our roads to work around the clock, and to use all means and powers lawfully available to them to reduce if not put an end to such carnage.

“No effort should be spared towards ensuring compliance with our traffic rules, in order to avert any more such accidents which invariably leave scores dead and injured.

“Government will weigh by according victims of this horrendous
crash State-assisted burial.”

22 people were killed in Toyota Quantum/ DAF truck head-on collision along Bulawayo-Beitbridge road on 14/11/23 at around 2200 hours at the 27 kilometre peg along Bulawayo-Beitbridge Road near Thandweni Store.

The accident happened after a Toyota Quantum vehicle with 21 passengers on board was involved in a head on collision with a DAF truck with one passenger on board.

The injured victims were admitted at United Bulawayo Group of Hospitals.