Police in Chinhoyi are investigating a case of unlawful termination of pregnancy which occurred on 22 October 2021 at Village 4 Portlet Farm, Chinhoyi.

Mercy Villa (27) gave birth to a dead foetus after drinking an unknown brown substance she was given by a herbalist, Esnath Karimatsinga (48) to terminate her pregnancy.

Villa wrapped the foetus with a plastic bag and put it under the counter of a grocery shop where she resides.

In another case police in Harare are investigating circumstances surrounding the death of a minor, Ropafadzo Muzvagwa (11) who died on 24/10/21.

It reported that she died after she was allegedly assaulted by her mother, Vimbiso Muzvagwa (26) at Tabudirira Co-operative, Budiriro 4, Harare.

According to police, it is alleged that the suspect ill-treated the victim and assaulted her on 23/10/21 and 24/10/21, with a cooking stick and a leather sandal.

The assault followed a misunderstanding in which the victim was pleading to go and stay with her father.

It is not clear the victim’s are divorced or seperation.