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Wife of Mufakose killer blasts smallhouse

THE butcher of Mufakose, who stabbed and killed one of his girlfriend’s kids, in a murderous rage in which he targeted her three kids, had abandoned his family for TWO years as he plunged deeper into his extramarital affair.

He told his wife, after committing the murder on Sunday night, that he had messed up his life because of his extramarital affair.

Thomas Nyamhunga even hinted he was going to kill himself, apologised to his wife and pleaded with her to take care of their four children.

He ended up hiding in a kombi, in the Retreat neighbourhood of the capital, after his murderous act on Sunday night.

That is where he was arrested at about 3am yesterday.

His wife, Virginia Denhere, yesterday spoke about how Thomas’ two-year extramarital affair with Needmore Mauka, dragged her life into hell.

She chose to exclusively tell her story to H-Metro.

Virginia painted the picture of a husband who had lost his way, in recent years, and was transformed from a deeply religious man into one who was now alcoholic.

She blames Needmore for that transformation, even claiming that she “bewitched” him and turning him into a father who had turned his back on his family, and children, in the past two years.

Instead, said Virginia, Thomas was busy taking care of Needmore’s family.

“I suffered a miscarriage because of Needmore,” said Virginia.

“Akadyisa murume wangu zvekuti ndaipepuka usiku kumuwana achitaura naNeedmore pamwe pacho otongobuda mugumbeze ndakarara oenda kwaari pakati pehusiku.

“My children suffered because of Needmore.

“She scoffed at me saying Thomas was leaving me because I gave birth to four girls only.”

She added:

Needmore was always a thorn in my flesh, collecting all his salary.

“Thomas airarisa vana vangu nenzara nyama yose aendesa kwaNeedmore.

“I discovered their illicit affair sometime in May 2021, when Needmore sent an audio message asking my husband to bring a light bulb, at around 10pm.”

Virginia said despite all their challenges, she never expected Thomas to turn into someone who would kill anyone, let alone children.

“Although Needmore emotionally and physically abused me, I did not expect Thomas to kill.

“I feel sorry for Needmore.”

Virginia said Thomas sent her a message after committing the murder.

She then met him at her younger sister’s house in Retreat where Thomas had sought refuge before his arrest.

“Thomas sent a message begging for forgiveness,” said Virginia.

“Hanzi sorry zvako mudzimai wangu ndazviuraira h**e.

“From that message I thought he had committed suicide.

“I was shocked to find him hiding at my younger sister’s house after committing murder.

“He went on to plead with me to look after our four children.”

She added:

“Thomas blamed Needmore for luring him into drinking alcohol.

“We used to attend church together but Needmore bewitched my husband, taught him to drink beer and he forgot his children.

“Needmore started turning her back on Thomas about three weeks ago.

“Hanzi akawana imwe mbinga inonzi Stan yaavekumhanya nayo.

“Needmore sent a message to Thomas claiming that Stan was a better lover because he does not fight her.

“All the property at Needmore’s home was bought by Thomas.”



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