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A South Africa-based Zimbabwean’s 20 year long marriage collapsed this past weekend after his cheating wife gave him a divorce token (gupuro).

Cossam Munemo said his wife, Virginia Ruzariro, who has been unfaithful for six years gave him the token terminating their long matrimonial relationship.

Cossam wrote on Facebook : “My name is Cossam Munemo and I come from Njanja area in Sadza but currently residing in Cape Town. I am married and had a wedding.

“My wife comes from Chipinge, and her name is Virginia Ruzariro. We married in 2004 and we went together to South Africa in 2016.

“We have been staying well but sometime in 2018 I saw my wife acting strangely and she would spend more time in the children’s rooms.

“On another day, I saw her sleeping in our girls’ room while she was on her WhatsApp chat, acting like she was talking to someone. I confronted her before I requested her phone but she refused with it.

“That then made me to suspect more and it gave me more depression.

“I then one day took the phone but she refused with the password until, one day, I managed to get her password.

“I then took the phone to my workplace where I opened all the messages and discover that she was dating one Cosmas.

“They were talking about their love affair, vaitaura nyaya dzekurara vese uye kubvisana humhandara kwavakaita naCosmas uya.

“They were also despising me and the words affected me more.

“I didn’t expect that from my wife. It was difficult for me. Ndakafunga zvekubva pamba ndikanogara musango kwemasvondo maviri.

“Ndakambofunga kuzviuraya asi ndakazofunga kuti vana vangu vanosara vakatambudzika. While I was in the bush an elder from church invited me to stay at the church.

“I was later helped and I returned home but it kept affecting me because my wife didn’t change her actions.”