Once again, Wicknell Chivayo, known for his lavish generosity, has extended his benevolence by presenting Zimdancehall artist Jah Master with a Mercedes Benz C200.

Taking to social media, Chivayo announced his latest act of kindness, urging Jah Master to collect his new car from Enterprise Car Sales.

In his announcement, Chivayo referenced Jah Master’s hit song “Hello Mwari,” expressing admiration for the artist’s talent and contribution to the music industry.

Acknowledging Jah Master’s commitment to attending ZANU PF rallies, Chivayo commended the artist’s dedication, particularly his signature attire of shorts and cross belts, worn even in cold weather.

Chivayo expressed confidence in Jah Master’s future, attributing it to his association with the ruling party. He concluded his post by extending well wishes for Jah Master’s continued success in his music career.

With this grand gesture, Chivayo adds another chapter to his legacy of controversial philanthropy, leaving a lot of questions regarding the source of his money.