MANICALAND provincial minister Ellen Gwaradzimba has threatened to report Zanu PF MP, Justice Mayor Wadyajena to President Emmerson Mnangagwa for allegedly harassing her.

The minister was before parliament on Tuesday to respond to why she unprocedurally allocated a highly productive coffee, macadamia, and avocado farm to her son, Remembrance Mbudzana.

She denied any wrongdoing, but Wadyajena is insisting that Gwaradzimba should bring with her supporting documents that her hands are clean the next time she is summoned to appear before the committee.

Meanwhile, prominent political analyst Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says Wadyajena is performing the proper role of Parliament, the oversight role to the executive.

He says the threats by the Manicaland Provincial Minister is clear sign that she is patently corrupt, adding that by threatening to report the MP, the ‘corrupt’ Minister is saying Mnangagwa supports corruption.

The farm, Farfield in Chipinge, is owned by Richard Le Leviex.

However, giving oral evidence before the Wadyajena-led Lands Parliamentary Portfolio Committee, Gwaradzimba said she was fed-up with being labelled a “land invader” yet cabinet had already dealt with the farm dispute that existed between her son and the white farmer.

The minister went on to warn Wadyajena she would report him to Mnangagwa for harassing her.

“Why are you being hard on me? Everything was done procedurally. I am not the one who issued the offer letter for the land. (The late agriculture minister) Perrance Shiri gave the offer letter. After all, the issue has been overtaken by events,” she said.

“I fought to liberate you from the liberation war but now you summon me over land issues. We liberated you to be parliamentarians and get the land, but you are now ill-treating us.

“Who is sending you to harass me? I have a heart problem and am a blood pressure patient. Do not continue harassing me,” said Gwaradzimba amid laughter from the committee members.

“Yes, Rememberance is my firstborn son whom I had during the revolution with my late husband. Sometime in January 2019, he was offered that land after he had applied in 2008.”

However, Wadyajena, an MP for Gokwe Nembudziya, remained unmoved, demanding answers and documentary evidence from Gwaradzimba.

She said Mbudzana was given the land after Chief Mapungwana, who had initially been allocated the property, failed to take occupation.

When asked to provide evidence that Mbudzana had applied for land in 2008, Gwaradzimba said she had left documents in her office in Mutare.

“Minister, can you prove with documentation what the minister discussed with you?” asked Wadyajena.

Gwaradzimba maintained she only responded to a verbal conversation with the late Shiri over the contested coffee farm.

-New Zimbabwe