Self styled President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s chief supporter Killer Zivhu says politicians should learn to respect the will of the people.

His sentiments comes at the time Zimbabwe is emerging from harmonised elections whose results are being announced.

“To all politicians rejected by povo, kana povo yakuramba usazvishingisa nhema uchiti next time, learn to respect people’s choice, don’t force yourself on them, uchiti next time we can do better, doing better nani iwe nhasi vanhu vati kwete, kana povo yaramba yaramba,” he says.

As if speaking in riddles Zivhu says:

“The new president of Zifa is looming, we are ready for real football at National stadium very soon, waiting for international organizations like Fifa kuti tave ready here kuti titambe fair games, on fair grounds, fair referees, zvose zvine chokuita ne fairness pamutambo.”

He also commented on the Green outside; Yellow Inside strategy as if in reference to the Citizens Coalition for Change CCC strategy.

CCC president Nelson Chamisa urged his supporters to be green outside (act like ZANU PF supporters) while being yellow in their hearts.

“Ndajaira guava, orange, grapes and etc, but mango dzinonetsa kunzwisisa, nokuti dzinoibvira mukati kunze dziri mbishi, now iam totally confused, kuti mango dzawanda kudai dzakaibva or imbishi, ndaona vanhu vakawanda vakatakura mango hameno kuti vanoindepi nazvo,” he adds.

Zivhu also says: “I am hearing the sound of thunderstorms coming, also smelling hot air from every direction, the Prophets in our village are quite like never before, old and young animals are shaking, the true fortune teller from Zambia, has said something about heavy rains.”