Image: OpenParlyZw

ZANU PF spokesperson Chris Mutsvangwa has warned that war is not a walk in the park, saying out of every 5 people that he went to war with, only 2 came out alive.

Speaking during a press conference currently underway which came after Southern African Development Community condemned the just ended general elections, Mutsvangwa said to make an issues about FAZ and other institutions it’s questioning the Zimbabwean history.

“We know the pain that came with the birth of the Zimbabwean state,” he says.

Commenting on the issue of FAZ, he said an association can lobby for its interests adding that this is not new. “It’s the same as ZESN lobbying for the opposition,” he says.

According to the SADC Election Observer Mission’s preliminary report, Zimbabwe’s just ended elections did not meet its guidelines for free and fair polls.