Presidential spokesperson George Charamba says it is unlikely to see Western Embassies speaking against Amendment 2, but what they will do is to mobilise people against Amendment 2, adding that this is to be met with the required firm State reply.

He says because the Western can’t do it openly, what they will do it covertly initially, through their well-known pawns in Zimbabwe the Crisis Coalitions, Alliances, Mukokos and Mukundus of this world.

Speaking through his ghost account, Jamwanda, Charamba said these cat’s paws will agitate, even goad the authorities to provoke firm State response which is inevitable and deserved.

He said that way, this proximate, responsive development then is made to look, read like it’s causally linked to Western response & opposition.

“In reality, they merely will have precipitated an excuse & development behind which to pursue their original grievance against the Second Republic, a grievance they feel so outsmarted to present directly,” he said.

Charamba adds that Amendment 2 presents a dilemma for unhappy Western Interests represented by their Embassies in the country.