Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) acting president Prof Welshman Ncube says his party is engaging The State and Sengezo Tshabangu in order to get back its organization.

Ncube made these sentiments in a no holds barred interview with veteran journalist Zenzele Ndebele.

Asked about the source of differences in CCC, Ncube spoke of- Ideological issues: “While in opposition we must do what we’ll do in govt- when there’s no debate you no longer have a party but a Jim Jones organisation (cult).

He raised dictatorial undertones against former party leader Nelson Chamisa.

“We have veered so far off the principles and values of democracy that we have become unrecognizable, when in fact the difference between us and ZANU-PF should be that of day and night,” he said.

Commenting on Ncube’s sentiments, former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi said:

“I am following @Welshman_Ncube
interview and I recommend anyone with a genuine interest in balanced arguments to do so.

“This particular shot is quite revealing going forward on how even those wishing to follow a different direction from his can reposition themselves for the better.

“This is not for the emotional lot but for self reflection thought provoking discussion.

“I have no dog in this fight but am learning a lot from the comments, that said lets hear more of the counterarguments, and less of the venting especially from those who claim to have not listened to this clip but still quote from it.

Apparently, Chamisa dumped the party few months ago citing infiltration by state agents.

Since then he is yet to announce his next move though it is believed he is planning to launch another party soon or later.