The President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa led administration says it has at no point called the US its adversary, but views every nation including the Joe Biden led United States of America as a friend.

Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana says it was indeed the US which called Zimbabwe its adversary and not the other way round.

“In this elementary analysis we are asked how we can say the USA hates us yet they carried our satellite! 1- We never said that, but they declared us an “adversary”. Not us 2-

“They declared that “we pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the USA” Not,” he says.

He says Zimbabwe is an enemy to none, but friend to all.

“We said we are a friend to all and enemy to none. Meaning we consider USA a friend and consider nobody an enemy. That is why we engage and re-engage with all,” he says.

Apparently, Zimbabwe and US has a sour relationship, to the extent that the Southern African nation was put on sanctions, through the Zimbabwe Democracy Recovery Act ZDERA Act.

Washington was ZDERA was for Zimbabwe to respect democracy and human rights, but Harare says America imposed sanctions on her in response to the land reform programme which saw whites losing their farms.