Moitheri Pheto better known as Terry Pheto is a talented South African actress who rose to fame following her role as Miriam in the Oscar-winning film Tsotsi and has been on the rise since launching her career.

Despite being very open about her career, Terry Pheto has managed to keep her private life under lock and key and she lets very little get out in the public.

Here is a look at some speculations about Terry Pheto’s husband, her wedding, her alleged child and her relationship with DJ Sbu.

Who is Terry Pheto’s husband?

According to sources, Terry Pheto’s husband is a man called Masande Peter. He is reportedly a wealthy IT mogul in his 40s and is of Xhosa descent.

Terry Pheto and Masande Peter were first reported to be in a serious relationship in 2018 but the two never confirmed their relationship publicly.

The couple reportedly got married in December 2020 in a secret wedding ceremony where guests were not even allowed to carry phones. The story about their wedding has also not been verified by the couple.

Does Terry Pheto have a child?

In 2020, Sunday World published a report that claimed that a source close to Terry Pheto had revealed that the actress was expecting her first child with her husband but that she was hiding her pregnancy.

“Terry is pregnant and enjoying the journey. She likes to keep her life private; that is why they have not publicly announced the news,” the source revealed.

When confronted with the rumour, Pheto denied being and explained that she had gained “Corona kilos” following the 2020 lockdown.

Although some sources insist that Terry Pheto and her husband have one child, she is yet to reveal her child’s face to the world and if indeed she has a child then it appears that she has decided to keep her motherhood journey a secret as she does with all the other aspects of her life.

Terry Pheto and DJ Sbu

Before her current relationship, Terry Pheto was once upon a time in a relationship with popular deejay and media personality, DJ Sbu.

Although the two initially denied being a couple, DJ Sbu later confirmed that they were in a relationship but sadly, the relationship was short lived and the couple who started dating in 2009 broke up in 2010.

Following their breakup, speculations about the reason behind their split emerged and one of the speculations was that Terry Pheto had been asked by one of the brands she represented to break up with DJ Sbu who was seen as a “bad boy” while she was regarded as South Africa’s sweetheart.

Speaking about her relationship with Sbu a few years ago, Terry Pheto rubbished the rumours and confirmed that she and DJ Sbu are still good friends and that she had a lot of respect for him.