Allegations by national broadcaster, Ztv, that the economic sanctions imposed on the country by the western superpowers are scapegoats for the amplified substance abuse by Zimbabwean youths has been received with mixed reactions by internet users.

In a news report, “The Dark Side of Sanctions”, Ztv quoted an analyst Gibson Nyikadzino as saying that sanctions were not only imposed on the landlocked southern African nation to destroy the economy, but to affect ‘a great generation who has potential so that Zimbabwe’s economy cannot function”.

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Below, we publish some of the responses by Twitter users. Read On:

A USD$9000 laptop and you think that’s due to sanctions, get a life.– @tindofish

How do these targeted sanctions lead youths in to drugs. Ngatiregei kuhwanda nezvigunwe. Fix corruption issues and the economy runs well. Empower the youth don’t exploit them for your political gains. The young generation is unemployed and they too are to blame. Why iddle minds– @Maxmunya1

Does illegal sanctions make someone open their mouth, take drugs & illegal substances? What about those who are not taking drugs? Youths they know the root problem, these drugs are coming thru the boarders manned by less paid security officers, what do you think will happen.– @FlorenceMago

And you wonder why people don’t pay tv and radio licenses? There is your answer– @panaz13

People do not go into drugs because of sanctions, ulamanga wena– @Foxxtrote1

Is sanctions selling “anhydrous ethanol” for people to drink (Mukozodo)?? Who owns Green fuels. Who running the backyard packaging factories of these unlicensed ” cane spirits”. Who is bringing Guka & bronco in Zim. Sanctions, Really ???–@Emison76141148