South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has reportedly implored on US leader Joe Biden to lift sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, saying the embargo on Harare has had adverse effects on other countries in the region.

According to Ramaphosa, the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe has resulted in citizens from the landlocked southern African nation leaving their native country in droves for economic opportunities in neighbouring countries.

Respected broadcaster, Peter Ndoro made the revelations on Twitter, saying:

“Meeting with President Biden, President Ramaphosa raised the issue of #sanctions on #Zimbabwe. He explained to President Biden that Zim sanctions affect other countries in the region as economic migrants are forced to leave #Zimbabwe in their droves to seek economic opportunities”.

During the dawn of the 21st century, the US and other western nations imposed targeted sanctions on the then Robert Mugabe-led Zanu PF regime following a chaotic land grab, euphemistically referred to as the Land Reform Programme.

The Land Reform Programme sought to address the colonial imbalances in terms of land ownership in the country.