A video of Residents Looting a Truck Transporting Meat Has Gone Viral

Droves of people are filmed carrying cow carcasses on their shoulders in front of the helpless owner

A very angry man shared Twitter videos of people stealing meat from truck  in KZN. A video, shared on Twitter by @AviationABC, shows people rushing towards a meat delivery truck stuck on the side of the road and helping themselves to the carcasses. The man took the video, reading out number plates as he claimed that people were stealing his meat and confronted them on camera.

An employer at Doctors Without Borders (MSF) could be slapped with disciplinary action after he was allegedly caught looting meat from a truck in KwaZulu-Natal.

The video was taken on January 19 when scores of people looted a broken down meat truck in KZN’s King Cetshwayo District.
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In a clip that has since surfaced on social media, several people are seen looting meat from the refrigerated storage unit of the truck on the R66 in King Cetshwayo District.

The truck had suffered a mechanical breakdown and was parked on the side of the road before scores of people looted the truck, fleeing with chunks of meat.