OPPOSITION Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa has been denied access to see jailed parliamentarians Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole, allegedly at the instigation of Justice Minister, Ziyambi Ziyambi.

Chamisa had gone to Chikurubi Maximum Prison to visit the incarcerated legislators and hordes of other opposition activists who are docked at the correctional facility.

Chamisa described the latest development as ‘an embarrassment and harassment’.

It is very sad and regrettable that we had come to visit our colleagues, honourable members of Parliament, Hon Job Sikala and Hon Sithole. But it’s so disheartening note that just after we’d been made to wait for about three hours, we were then told that we can now enter and be able to see our colleagues. Upon entering, we were then invited to the office of the Officer-in-Charge,” Chamisa told reporters.

“The Officer-in-Charge of the Prison, Mr Hukurume indicated to us that it’s unfortunate that we’re not able to see Hon Job Sikhala and the other colleagues because the Minister of Justice had instructed that we can’t see him. We were surprised because they had stood us up for almost like 2-3 hours and I am sure you can bear witness and testimony to that…. All of a sudden, they said they had received an instruction and a phone call that you can’t see all your colleagues. It is embarrassment, it is harassment, it is unacceptable that we have this kind of abuse of the law,” he said.

Watch the video below: