Former cabinet ministers Jonathan Moyo and Walter Mzembi have blasted the government for raising complaints against arrested Citizens Coalition for Change(CCC) members.

Moyo says it is embarrassing for the state to raise ‘unreasonable’ complaints against CCC members who were arrested in Budiriro for holding unsanctioned meeting.

“It is wrong, unstrategic, and embarrassing for the State to be the complainant in such a frivolous and vexatious complaint whose damage to the public interests, stability, and cohesion of the State are incalculable,” says Moyo.

And Mzembi concurs with Moyo, saying the charges by the state are hilarious.

“These charges or complaints by the State are as hilarious as it comes!
They reduce us to a Kindergarten State particularly no 6 !

“Let’s get serious with State business folks it costs money and resources to detain & prosecute citizens
Aiwaka,” he says.