Political analysts have rubbished Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s defense in response to allegations that he is having sexual relationship with married women.

During a press conference which came after days of ZimLive revelations about him arranging trysts with married women, including in his office, Mohadi claimed his phone had been hacked – and then said his voice had been cloned.

Political commentator, Alex Magaisa says if Mohadi is claiming that his phone was hacked and that his privacy was invaded, then he shouldn’t say the voice in the audios is fake of fabricated.

Magaisa believes by confirming that his privacy or that his phone was hacked then he is also confirming that the source of the audios is from his very own phone, and no cloning or fabrication should come into play.

“Mohadi must make up his mind. He complains of invasion of privacy, but also of fabrication. A lot of waffling. If he sues the old chap won’t survive cross-examination!” he says.

Another analyst, Elder Mabhunu agrees, that Mohadi confirmed the source of the audios is his very own phone, therefore no fabrication.

Mabhunu says Mohadi was right is saying ‘Sorry I am not going to take any questions,’ because he wouldn’t have survived the grilling from journalists who do not fear asking.

“If anything is going to happen, it is going to be the President who is going to determine my future… Sorry I am not going to take any questions,” said Mohadi as he addresses the media over his sex scandal.


Mohadi’s statement below: