Magistrate Lazini Ncube has ruled that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s testimony against his wife Mary Mubaiwa be held in camera.

His estranged wife Mary is accused of fraud and misrepresentation for allegedly trying to upgrade their customary marriage by forging his signature without his knowledge.

It is alleged that Mary took advantage that her husband was sick at the time, when she tried to upgrade their marriage.

Ncube said: “The other part need to show the prejudice that will be suffered if the matter is heard in camera.

“The defence has a duty to put questions to the complainant, which was still going to happen if it was in an open court.”

Meanwhile, the state insists that it is the office of the complainant (Chiwenga) that needs to be protected.

In response, Magistrate Ncube ruled:

“In this premises the application is hereby granted and it will therefore be heard in camera.”