Polling stations in Zimbabwe have closed closed after the country’s first election without former leader Robert Mugabe on the ballot, and election officers are preparing to start counting.

Here is how it works:

Results from the polling station are counted and then posted outside.

Result is then transmitted to the ward command centre where results from the other polling stations are also added and the winner of the council election is decided.

The wards then forward results for President and MP to the constituency command centre, where the winner of the MP race is confirmed.

The results for President are forwarded to the provincial command centre by all constituencies for onward transmission to the national command centre which will tabulate the results and announce the President.

That is why the President will come last – but we would already have an indication by the number of MPs and councils each party has won. And besides, the parties through their agents will already have crunched the numbers and will know where they stand long before ZEC announces winner. additional reporting by zim live

ZwNews will be posting Zimbabwe election results here