Communities in and around Renco Mine and their livestock are at risk of being attacked by stray lions that were spotted in the Chisase area close to the Ngundu-Chiredzi highway, a few days ago.

There are growing fears that the lions might attack and kill people, especially school children who are the most vulnerable.

A team from Zimparks is now already in the area tracking down the pride.

The lions were spotted at Renco Mine turn-off, about 15km from Chisase village along the Ngundu-Chiredzi highway.

It is not clear where the lions came from with Zimparks still investigating.

Zimparks spokesperson Mr Tinashe Farawo confirmed on his Twitter handle the presence of the lions in the Renco area.

“Zimparks reaction team on the ground tracking a pride of lions at Renco turn-off with Triangle-Ngundu road, about 15km from Chisase village,” wrote Mr Farawo.

He further cautioned communities in the area to be alert and avoid travelling at night to minimise the risk of attack by the cats.

Villagers in the area were also advised to secure their livestock that can be at the mercy of the pride.