CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has been warned to stop taking pictures and posting them on social media during court sessions.

This came after Mahere allegedly took pictures of a prosecutor handling her matter and posted them on social media.

Harare regional magistrate, Tinei Manwere, cautioned the University of Zimbabwe law lecturer after the prosecution team of Oscar Madhume and Netsai Mushayabasa, complained of her conduct.

Mahere was said to have taken a picture of Mushayabasa when she was putting across charges to her and posted it on social media.

Madhume told the court that the social media post attracted comments that dented the integrity of the prosecution and their personalities.

Mahere denied taking a picture of the prosecutor and posting it saying she only captured the courtroom to inform her followers that her trial had opened.

Mahere was in court for her trial on allegations of communicating falsehoods prejudicial to the State.

The charges emanated from a tweet in which she allegedly claimed that a police officer had beaten to death a baby strapped to her mother with a baton in Harare.

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