‘I don’t twerk for cars,’ Shadaya humiliates Chivayo

Controversial social commentator Shadaya Knight has made headlines after revealing his decision to reject Wicknell Chivayo’s offer of a car donation.

Shadaya said as a man, he felt that it is not a good idea to twerk for a car thus he told Chivayo to keep his cars. Shadaya also warned those accepting the donation that there is a price to pay. Nothing comes free.

This decision comes amidst a wave of controversy, with Chivayo reportedly initially intending to gift Knight a vehicle but later retracting the offer due to Knight’s criticism of women.

Despite suggestions from fans to crowdfund the purchase of a car for him, Knight humbly declined, emphasizing contentment with his current situation.

Instead, he urged redirecting resources towards addressing more pressing societal issues, such as supporting vulnerable groups and tackling larger community challenges.

Meanwhile, Chivayo has faced criticism for his lavish spending on luxury cars for artists, sparking public debate on priorities in the face of pressing national concerns.