HARARE: A SENIOR church elder was recently caught red-handed in an adultery act with a married woman only identified in a leaked tape video as Mai Prince.

Undated videos of the cheating man, Sheunesu Fundu, have resurfaced and are circulating on social media showing him performing church duties at an unidentified church.

In the latest video, Fundu admits to sleeping with Mai Prince saying he was having an affair with Mai Prince because he thought she was a divorcee. The two lovebirds were caught in the act at a lodge in Harare after their partners set up a trap.

Mai Prince, Sheanesu Fundu

In the video, Mai Prince is seen shaking her head in disbelief after the unexpected bust.

The woman, Mai Prince seen half naked in the video remain quite despite attempts by the people who caught to have respond to being caught cheating.

In the short video, the two lovebirds are shown being confronted by a group of people suspected to be Sheanesu Fundu’s wife, Baba Prince and his friends.

The man openly admits that he is married and didn’t know Mai Prince was married. He said he thought they had left each other, he even thought the husband was dead.

This is once of the biggest scandals to rock Harare in January. Fundu has since deleted his social media profiles. He is the head of finance at Camfed.

Watch their lodge video below: