…the coup period was a matter of life and death…bullets were raining everywhere…I couldn’t even run away with a single diamond to sustain myself in exile…joked Jonathan Moyo…

For many years, a lot of theories have been going rounds with regards to the whereabouts of journalist cum-political activist Itai Dzamara, however, former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has unmasked the real face behind the disappearance.

Dzamara who had become a strong critic of the ZANU-PF regime was abducted by alleged state security agents a couple of years ago, in 2015 to be precise; and was never to be seen again.

Many people blamed the late former President Robert Mugabe for it, but Moyo says it was not the former iron fisted man who caused Dzamara’s abduction and his subsequent disappearance beyond trace until this day.

In 2020, Amnesty International said it had a copy of a heart-wrenching letter from Dzamara’s wife Sheffra, in which she appealed to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to help find her husband, and describes the pain of raising her two children alone.

“Imagine not being able to tell your children if their father is alive or dead. Someone knows where Itai Dzamara is, but they have chosen to subject his family to five long years of uncertainty,” said Muleya Mwananyanda, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Southern Africa.

Moyo who featured on Magamba TV, programme dubbed, “The Takedown with Q. Dube,” today, named the ‘culprit’ someone who is in the top office in Zimbabwe today as being responsible for Dzamara’s disappearance.

Jonathan Moyo is asked by Magamba TV what happened to Itai Dzamara:

“I appreciate that you and many others find it easier to ask me and find it very difficult to ask Emmerson Mnangagwa…

“Remember that on the day he (Dzamara) disappeared Emmerson Mnangagwa was acting President.”