Members of the country’s main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) based in the diaspora and in Zimbabwe under the banner of Citizens’ Action for Change have initiated a “Defend The Vote” fundraising campaign.

Apparently, the campaign has so far mobilised US$275 000.

The group is target US$2 million to be used for voter education and deployment of poll agents.

In 2018 CCC allegedly failed to send poll agents to some polling stations especially in the rural areas.

According to analysts this exposed the party to vote rigging by the ruling party ZANU PF which had poll agents at every station.

When CCC leader Nelson Chamisa approached the courts challenging President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s win, he allegedly failed to provide evidence as his party had no poll agents in some places.

This meant that he had no returns (V11) from some polling stations to back his rigging claims.

Apparently, the court ruled in Mnangagwa’s favour, citing that Chamisa had no evidence to support his claims.

Unlike ZANU PF which allegedly used state resources and funds to finance its electoral programs, CCC lacked enough resources.

Apparently, the government reportedly declined to acknowledge CCC as the main opposition during the allocation of political parties funds, provided for in the Constitution.

Instead, the funds were given to the Douglas Mwonzora led Movement for Democratic Change.