In a move that has attracted amplified voices on the internet, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly used a luxurious US$30,000-per-hour Boeing 767-2DX (ER) operated by Comlux of Switzerland.

Online users were embroiled in a bitter war of words after Zimlive reported that the Zanu PF leader who has been in a week-long New York stay for the just-ended United Nations General Assembly meeting was on the way to his troubled southern African nation aboard the Swiss-owned elite airline.

The topic drew varied comments, with some making comparisons of Mnangagwa with his Zambian counterpart, Hakainde Hichilema who is said to have used the ‘more economic’ Fly Emirates.

“Lap of Luxury: After more than a week in New York where he attended the United Nations General Assembly, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is homebound aboard this luxurious US$30,000-per-hour Boeing 767-2DX (ER) operated by Comlux of Switzerland,” screamed ZimLive in a caption of pictures showing the airline’s plush exterior and interior images (below).


Below, we publish some of the interesting reactions to the post,

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Here (below) (is) the Zambian president using Emirates while ours is in Luxurious. Its either we #RegisterToVoteZW or #RegisterToVoteZW. No other way– DiWerro

So what!!! It’s not our fault Nelson is broke and seeks funding to buy him a car… Fly high Mr President– Lee Ann Bernard

The lack of humanity and empathy in your tweet is appalling.– Julie Barnes

“I do not think we need trouble ourselves with any plan of instruction for young females. Public education is not suitable for them, because they are never called upon to act in public. Manners are all in all to them, and marriage is all they look to.”-Napoleon Bonaparte– The T@x Collector

Ko ma sanctionz?? UK PM dsnt use private jets– milk man

So everything is about Chamisa? zvamuchatodaidzira kuti Chamisa mhani muvete nezvikomba zvenyu!– Speedy T