Newly appointed Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor John Mushayavanhu who has been under fire for allegedly sabotaging the country’s new currency Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) has made another blunder.

Mushayavanhu came under fire after he demanded US payment for a Monetary Policy Statement Breakfast Review Meeting to which he is key speaker.

Apparently, after heavy public backlash, Mushayavanhu made another poster for the indaba in which he include the ZiG price equivalent to the US100 for the meeting slatted for 9 April 2024.

Meanwhile with the circulation of the ZiG set for 30 April, this means it wouldn’t be possible for those wishing to attend the meeting to pay using the new currency, unless electronic payment systems taking into account the new currency are put in place.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi raised the same sentiments:

“If ZiG starts circulating officially in the public on the 30th of April, do we have a digital circulation as mitigation, aka mobile money platform to pay for the Governor’s Monetary Policy Review on Monday??

“By the way why is the Governor not able to do this for FREE to the Public from his Chambers, surely by invitation he can fill up his auditorium with special interest groups that take his pronouncements far and wide,” he posted on his X handle.