KARIBA TOWN: A male Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service(ZPCS) and a female Zimbabwe Republic Police officer are feared dead after a small boat they hired capsized on Lake Kariba on Tuesday, a police report confirmed.

The deceased identified as Kudzanai Dewa and Charles Kahara were travelling with 2 other people when their small board ran into problems before reaching Nyaodza Fishing Camp, their intended destination.

The two were on a trip to buy fish.

Below is a report issued by Kariba ZRP station:

While on the way,at around 1900 hours,violent wind made the Lake boisterous resulting in some water getting into the boat. The boat began to sink as a result of the trapped water. The coxswain Faula Robson Mumba advised occupants to cling to the boat to avoid drowning. However,missing person number one Dewa Kudzanai was overwhelmed by the wave and she left the boat and began drowning.

Upon realising that missing person one was drowning, missing person number two Kahara Charles jumped into the water to assist. However, the two disappeared into the water. The other two remained holding on the boat and were rescued by a passing dingy boat at around 2300hours.