Hardly 12 hours after the first coronavirus case was announced yesterday in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, two more cases have been confirmed, bringing the number to three.
Although the Ministry of Health and Child Care was yet to make the announcement, Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba took to his micro-blogging Twitter account to announce the latest development.
“New two cases confirmed in Hre ,let’s work to fight this corona virus”, said Gomba this Saturday morning.
If Gomba’s announcement is anything to go by, that brings the number of the infected to three in less than a day. On Friday evening, the Government announced its first case of a person who tested positive for the deadly Covid-19 (coronavirus).
With a deteriorating health sector typified by shortages of drugs, there are amplified fears that the country could struggle to contain the deadly pandemic which was recently declared a national disaster by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

More details to follow….