The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance has warned the ruling Zanu PF Government against ‘personalising’ announcements of people who would have contracted the deadly Covid-19 (Corona virus), saying the issue of the pandemic is not a partisan one
This comes after guns came out blazing for Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba who, this morning, made an announcement that two more people from the capital Harare had tested positively to the deadly Corona virus, bringing the number of confirmed cases to three.
In a statement, party spokesperson Daniel Molokeli said the ruling party ‘should know that this is no longer a partisan issue but a matter of life and death that knows no race, region, tribe nor party card’.
“We have noted with concern that central government wants to proscribe local authorities from going public about cases of Covid-19”, said Molokeli in a statement.
“Local authorities and councils are at the coal face of primary health care across the length and breadth of the country and in the urban areas. There is nothing anomalous about councils going public about cases of Covid-19 in the health facilities under their jurisdiction, considering that we have before us a dire challenge that has not only become a threat to human lives but has stretched the capacity of health care systems across the world”, he said.
Molokeli also took a swipe at the ruling party which he said took three days to respond to the catastrophic Cyclone Idai which left a trail of destruction in Manicaland and other parts of the country last year.
Added the MDC Alliance publicist:
“We have also not forgotten that it is the same government that killed people on August 1 2018 and in January 2019, not to mention the slow genocide taking place under its watch in our hospitals because we have in charge a regime the simply doesn’t care about the sanctity of human life”.