DAVID COLTART: Bulawayo Mayor Declines Zimbabwe Independence Celebration Invite

David Coltart, the opposition CCC mayor of Bulawayo, has opted out of attending Zimbabwe’s Independence Day celebrations. This decision comes as his party’s self-imposed Secretary General, Sengezo Tshabangu, who is seen as an ally of ZANU PF, attended the event. While party president Welshman Ncube and Member of Parliament Charlton Hwende attended, it signals a shift in the party’s stance as they traditionally abstain from such celebrations due to their association with ruling party politics.

Mayor Coltart cited lack of government invitation to his office as the primary reason for his absence. Expressing concern over the historical snubbing of mayors at such events, he emphasized the importance of respecting the dignity of his office. His decision reflects a broader concern within the opposition regarding their treatment at government-sponsored functions, as highlighted by a recent incident at a Business Expo where the office of Mayor was similarly overlooked.