The United Kingdom Foreign Office has issued a terrorism alert on South Africa, warning that terrorists are planning attacks on “places visited by foreigners.

However, Pretoria says it’s waiting for the foreign office to provide credible evidence, which it has failed to do.

Published on its official website, the UK embassy warned, “terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in South Africa”.

It added that the main threat is from individuals who may have been inspired by terrorist groups, including Daesh (ISIS), and who may carry out ‘lone actor’ attacks.

“Attacks could be indiscriminate and could target public spaces and places visited by locals and foreigners,” it said.

News24 managed to get a response from International Relations director-general Zane Dangor, who rubbished the alert, calling it unfounded with no evidence.

Dangor said the UK had failed to follow diplomatic channels to communicate concerns and has not provided proof for these “unfounded” allegations.

“We asked them where this credible threat came from, and they still have not given us a proper explanation.

“There is no evidence why we would be a target for a terror attack, and we are saying if you have credible information, give it to us, which they have not done,” said Dangor.

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