In a tragic incident that has left the community reeling, five female teachers from Munyati Primary School lost their lives in a devastating car accident.

The events unfolded around 1pm on March 15, 2024, when the teachers bid farewell to their students and embarked on what would tragically be their final journey. Packed into Joe Tsungirirai’s Toyota Acqua, they set out on a routine 20-kilometer trip to Kwekwe City, each heading to their respective homes.

Little did anyone anticipate the horror that awaited them. Just a short distance from the school, along the Harare – Bulawayo Highway, their vehicle collided head-on with a Homano Sino truck, resulting in a catastrophic crash.

According to The Mirror, the five teachers—Joe Tsungirirai, Mitchell Maticha, Everjoice Ngwenya, Lesley Mugwidi, and Sithabile Nothando Moyo—lost their lives on the spot as their vehicle was left mangled beyond recognition.

Initial investigations suggest that Tsungirirai may have attempted to overtake another vehicle without realizing the presence of the oncoming Homan truck. Adding to the tragedy, Tsungirirai had only acquired the car last year.

In the aftermath of the accident, the school community is grappling with profound grief. Pupils are in need of counseling as they mourn the loss of their beloved teachers. The somber atmosphere at the school reflects the heavy hearts of all those affected, with counseling sessions expected to commence in the coming days.