A senior Zimbabwean Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) Close Security Unit officer Andrew Chitungo – who served under the late president Robert Mugabe for years, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga and later President Emmerson Mnangagwa has died.

He died on Friday at West End Hospital in Harare.

Chitungo was swiftly removed from Mnangagwa’s close security team last year after a recorded call with independent Norton MP Temba Mliswa and former Energy minister Fortune Chasi in which he uttered the words “Bishop is corrupt” (meaning Mnangagwa) was leaked.

Chitungo, who also ran a security company and startup business interests in Harare, was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday complaining about breathing problems and losing energy.

He died on Friday and will be buried in Harare tomorrow.

Mourners are gathered at his home in Sunway City, Ruwa.

Family, relatives and friends described Chitungo as a “man of the people”, “family man” and “reliable professional” who was good-natured, calm and amicable to people despite working for an organisation with a fearsome reputation.

Text/ Image: The Newshawks