Susan Mutami has resurfaced on Twitter, guns blazing against Norton legislator Temba Mliswa, saying he is neglecting their son.

She says Mliswa pretends to be a good father on the internet while neglecting their son and evading a DNA test to establish paternity.

“Usada kundijairira Temba wazvinzwa, u are out here pretending to be the father of the internet yet u are not looking after ur son and u are dodging DNAs.

“Norton residents please do not vote for this garbage. He comes to u by day and by night he goes to bed w @ZANUPF_Official…” she tweeted.

Mutami urged the main opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change CCC to teach Mliswa a lesson by snatching the Norton seat from him.

“Everything that he does is staged. Don’t believe all those parliament theatrics. I hope ma citizens makachi master chigame chacho.

“Zera rako iwewe unochengeterwa mwana ne social welfare haunyari? @CCCZimbabwe please bring dignity to Norton. Vote rubbish out,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mliswa and Mutami have a child together.

Mliswa is said to have 19 children most of them with different women.

At one point, Mliswa bragged that with 19 kids he is a better father than some who have far less children because they have no time for their kids.

He said this last year while celebrating Father’s Day.

Mliswa said while some think having many kids is a sign of being a bad father, it’s not adding that one’s ability to cater for them is what matters most.

“To share time with them. To provide both materially and financially is what is important,” said Mliswa.

Meanwhile, Fathers Day is celebrated on the 19 of June every year to reflect on the importance of fathers in taking care for their families.